On Wednesday December 20th 1972, Clyde Auctioneering officially opened its doors for business. The first sale was held on a Wednesday evening and these sales continue to this date. The original owners of Clyde Auctioneering were Peter Stasiuk, Mike Stasiuk and Werner Potts, in 1975 Peter and Norma Stasiuk assumed sole ownership of the Auction Business.

Over the past 39 years the Auction has grown and business diversified beginning with farm sales and household sales. Clyde Auctioneering has expanded to include antiques, firearms and have even had the occasion to sell buffalo. Not only have the type of sales increased but also the building itself has been expanded.

Clyde Auctioneering originally started holding antique sales on Monday evening but with the overwhelming popularity of the antique sales, it was moved to Saturday to accommodate the seven hour sale. Regular antique sales are held on the last Saturday of every month with special antique sales in between. The antique sales include a consignors and buyers market from Ontario to British Columbia.

Over the past 39 years the business has grown and changed. Things that always remained the same are the regular Wednesday night sales, the stand up humor and the bantering of the auctioneers. Over the years many people of come to Clyde Auction. Over 5,000 consignors and 4,500 buyers have registered. The auction has been featured in numerous media articles including the National Post, Edmonton Journal, and Calgary Herald.